Who is Jon Writer?

I began putting songs together at the age of 8. A friend introduced me to the Sound Recorder function on a desktop computer in middle school, where I began recording my first songs through a Logitech headset microphone. In high school I met a friend Milez at football practice, who was also a rapper, and was introduced to the Adobe Audition recording software. Upon building my own studio during my first semester at Illinois State University, I began to master the Protools software- where I recorded my first two projects, Me. I Am. and College School-Kid. By the time I walked onto campus as an Illinois State University Redbird, I had well over 200 songs already recorded.


Me in a nutshell is this: I tell it like it is, this is first and foremost! I shouldn’t need to talk about the past songs I’ve done and the success they’ve had in a biography for you to know who I am because chances are if you’ve heard the songs, you know who I am by now and what I’m about; if you haven’t, it’s probably why you’re reading up on me now. In either case, let’s get something straight right from the start.

It’s currently 3:44AM on Wednesday, August 6th, 2013. I just finished touching up the website (yes, the one you’re currently on) and I’m listening to the new track “Infinite” I just finished which features the homie Renegade from Guaranteed Raw (aka G Raw). We’re filming the music video for it tomorrow after going to the studio to record a track for one of his projects I’m featured on- not to mention we’re also filming the final scene for my “Victory” music video. I grind and I grind hard. I can break a skateboard by how hard I’m grind daily! That’d be a lot of skateboards!

Everything that I have now and will have later in life is what I’ve worked incredibly hard for! From growing up poor and in a Single-Parent household, to putting myself through college . . . to finally putting this music thing together on my own means . . . building my OWN team . . . and a lot of b/s in between all that . . . I can honestly look back and say that that was the product of some of the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life.

So who am I? Who is Jon Writer? The answer is probably somewhere along the lines of “the hardest working m***** f***** in the room!” I have suffered a lot, sacrificed plenty, but never have I let it hold me back. I’ve only worked harder and learned to work smarter. That said, I plan on changing the world with this music because I have realized that life is very much like a painting- the picture’s only gonna’ be what you create it! That is who Jay Nice, the Hip-Hop artist from Illinois, is and represents.

– Jw