University of Iowa | Day 13..?? Idk

Today was a promo day! We went out and spoke to people out in the area about rap, hip-hop, and the upcoming show at Gabe’s. Lots of people were excited and eager for the show which is always great news! 

On some occasions, I had to stay back in the hotel room to attend to emails, so I sent Dan and Nams to go out and take of that for me. Seems know like whenever we walk on campus now, people kinda know who we are and are getting a sense for what’s going on here. In between my meal breaks, I always make sure I’m out there talking to people- I think it’s important and this stage of my career.

{Side Note: Ran all out of wristbands. So that sucks.}

After coming back to the hotel to knock out for a few hours, we did some more promo at night and brought the camera with us so that we can take some video! After stopping at some place called “Bardot”, I met a group of ladies celebrating their girl’s birthday!! Lol these ladies were it, let me tell you! FINE group of ladies . . . They were on it! 

The University of Iowa currently has the best looking girls of all the universities we’ve been to so far! They were a fun time to hangout with and the entire night scene is pretty live up here in Iowa City! 

So far, it’s been lots of fun and I cannot wait for the show tomorrow night at Gabe’s. If it’s anything like the last two nights in Iowa, then it’ll for sure be a solid time! 

{Shouts out to Mike Cole for calling it out: “You’re going to LOVE Iowa City!”}


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