U. of Mizzou | Day 9!!!

Honestly, I’m forgetting what day it is! I only know my days by where I’m playing next and what time. Is today actually day 9 on tour???? Anyway, we got into town and checked into the hotel- this one is pretty solid!! Got a big ol’ bathroom like Kim K’s booty!!!! Lol

Alright so for serious . . . Got to the venue and met up with my Sponsor for the show: NORML from the University of Mizzou! Them dudes are pretty solid. They showed love at the show, we took some pictures, and had a pretty cool after-party after my show; they even hooked me up with a FREE green T-Shirt! 

Without giving too much details away about the show, just know we had a fun time lol. 

S/O to B-Skan for coming out and not only performing, but also hooking me up with a “Shoot Your Local Heroin Dealer” T-Shirt and Snapback! Dude is dope. S/O to MME as well for rocking out. 

Next Stop: Joe’s | University of Illinois!! Should be fun!!


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