U. of Illinois | Day 10!!!

Sooooo much happened tonight, it was CRAZY!! Tonight’s show at Joe’s was pretty ledgit too (few things on that in a second). 

First off, shout out to Adam and Amanda for hanging out with me before the show- hope you enjoyed that bottle of Viniq! Haha I’m glad I found it after telling you the story about how when you shake it, it looks like the Galaxy! 

Anyway, checked into the hotel and Nams started laughing uncontrollably because my Hotel room number was 474- which is “47” or “74” depending on how you look at it. Apparently the number “47” is some sort of spiritual number and he’s been seeing that number everywhere on tour! Haha. Like we went out to eat somewhere and the girl who served us had the number “47” on her shirt… Lol it’s weird!! 

Once I got to the venue, all of the artist were there and ready to go, which is always dope! Joe’s decided to have us play outside which was okay. Shouts out to MME | Guarenteed Raw | and Nams Homeless for doing their thing… 

I started noticing that more people came closer to the performance area after each opener. By the time I was up, I had homies on the balcony at the building next to us showing luv and watching the show. There were also people outside of Joe’s, that couldn’t get in for whatever reason, watching the performance from the other side of the gate – and a huge line of people paying to get into Joe’s after hearing the first song or two into my set.

At one point in my show, I asked the crowd for a female who was single to come up on stage with me. This cute blonde girl named Lauren came up and I performed the song “Down Tonight” for her. Haha she loved it!! It was cool seeing her blush the whole time and vibe out with me. Shouts out to the other girl, whatever her name was, that kept coming up and dancing the whole time I was performing!! Respect!!! 

As I was closing my set out, the boys in blue showed up and from what people were saying, it was a noise complaint- looks like we turnt that place out!! Haha. I don’t know how accurate that is but if it’s true, then maybe you shouldn’t have Jon Writer play outside!!! Lol.

All in all, it was a great show! I met lots of new people after the show and the University of Illinois has a lot of hot chicks!   Haha. Go figure!


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