St. Louis | Day 8!!! 

St. Louis is always the bomb whenever I hit it up! I got into town and met my homie Mahdie Ali at Shock City Studios- my favorite studio of all time, just know . . . And this time around, Shock City hooked us up with some Monster Energy drinks- I appreciate the luv Shock City! 

By the time I got there, Mahdie had the homies in there with him and they were cooking up the smoothest track I’ve heard in a looooong time- mad luv, them dudes have mad talent! 

I checked my email and saw the homie from Indiana University, Billy Winters, sent me a .Zip file of beats that I absolutely had to destroy- perfect timing being that I had just gotten to the studio! I went in on a track he sent and called the track “All Right (feat. Mahdie Ali)“.

Yup! That new Mahdie Ali feature is coming soooooon!!!!!! Haha like you can’t put us in front of a State-of-the-Art recording studio and not have us come out with a banger!

After I left the studio, I went straight to the venue where I met up with a lot of the openers, which from what I saw they’re all dope! B-Skan throws down the nastiest set!! He is super dope, y’all need to look him up. Mahdie Ali obviously is a dope performer! Lol he’s like little Pharrrell Williams. Then we had the Xcedra Twins come through and throw down on their set with some dancers … That was really tight to see!

When it was all said and done, I had a good time and still think highly of St. Louis! Glad they came out and showed love and I was hella proud of all of the openers! Collectively, we put on one hell of a show! 


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