St. Louis | DAY 7!!!

Nothing too exciting today, except for the fact that we arrived in St. Louis a day early and made it to a St. Louis Cardnials vs. Chicago Cubs game at Busch Stadium! The entire stadium was in red and white- I had on my black “Race Against Time Tour” T-shirts . . . Not like I excepted to see the Cubs on tour lol. Apparently I made it onto TV while I was there too- haha you know I had to. I looked at my phone at the game and saw several people telling me they just saw us at the game- dopeness!

After the game we just headed toward the venue we’re playing at to check it out the day before the show. While doing that, we sold several albums out on the street!! Good thing I was a Manager at Nordstrom with Selling experience once upon a time, it helps when you’re out on the street hustling! 
Bed now. Tired. 




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