S. Illinois University | Day 5!!!

Today is our last off day, and the second leg of tour officially starts tomorrow with a show at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. All we did was wake up late, hit a little restaurant called “Phiona” that served the bombest pancakes, stopped a Guitar Center to pick up some D.I. Adaptor that Dan needed, did some laundry, and took a nap.

Today was about sleep. And I got that! Now it’s 6:25pm and time to take a 5 hour drive to Des Moines, Iowa . . . . . Wonder we’re I’ll stop for dinner . . . . . . .[Update 7:22pm: Jumbo Chicken Popcorn from Sonic it is! Now time to head to Drake University. Here we go!]

Lol Day 4 was so much fun haha. One thing I NOW know is Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville goes hard!! Very fun times!



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