S. Illinois University | Day 4!!!

Hit with another off day before our official second show on tour (Crazy to think I’m only two shows in and everything that’s happened so far has- seriously the love from everybody is incredible), we decided to link up with some people we know at Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville! Once we got there, we figured we’d send out a tweet about performing a “Secrete Show” out by the pool at the “Edge” apartments.

Safe to say easily 40 people showed up in about 15 minutes- that’s dope! Now being that the pool area was closing, we brought the party up to room 2-205 where we performed and got it cracking!!! 

Nams Homeless went first with his performance and shut the party down after just a song and a half!! Lol literally, the “boys in blue” came to shut the party down- the turn up was too real. 

After we shut the music down long enough to for cops to leave, we got the music going back up again and I turned all the way up with a solid performance- waking up this morning, I realized it’s one of those performance you lose your voice too. Damn it.

If you’re wondering how the rest of the night went, sadly I’m not posting the nitty gritty on here lol, but you can look at the picture below:

Annnnnnnd with that this is the perfect time to tell you to go out and get your OFFICIAL “Race Against Time Tour” T-Shirt before I sell out! Get them below:



– jw


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