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Jon Writer joins Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)

Thinking in terms of longevity, I really wanted to join an organization that truly seeks the protection and monetary value of its artist and songwriters alike- Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) was that organization!

As you may or may not be aware, my upcoming album, “Race Against Time”, is set to release this summer (07/22/14) and I want to provided every opportunity that I can for myself at his stage of the game. I am excited about the opportunities that I now have and will have in the future! Stay tuned for future news!

– JW

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“Race Against Time”- Album News!

Currently, I am in the process of finalizing the complete track-list for the album as well as developing the album artwork! The plan is to begin the manufacturing process this month (June 14′) and set an official release date for the album for sometime in July; obviously with that being said, the official track-list for the album would release well before the album release itself- here’s to hoping this month goes according to plan!

– JW

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“What I Want”- Music Video/Movie

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone that helped bring the story behind “What I Want” to life; it wouldn’t have been possible without this awesome team of Crew and Cast members!

Luke Zintak: Director

Dan Kritchevsky: Co-Producer/AD

Brian Van Spankeren: Assistant Director

Berylanne Lynch: Assistant Director/Production Coordinator

Stephen Wester: Director of Photography

Ben Stevenson: Assistant Camera

Will Anderson: Props/Asst. SFX

Tony Fay: Stunt Coordinator/Editor/Grip

Mauricio Ventura: Gaffer

Kat Flammini: Makeup

Ashley Nicole Marie: Makeup

Michelle Jarosik: Costumes

[The Cast]
Scot Ringa: The Interrogator
Kevin Croak: Vice Chancellor Lusk
Chris Tenime: Speaker Ghallegar
Erik Martin: Doctor Shaw
Alyssa Rittorno: News Reporter Aubrey Quinn
Felix Echevarria: Chancellor Orion
Israel Lopez: Big Body Guard
Elizabeth Austin: News Anchor
[Extended Thanks]
Ty Cummings, Benton House, Tadarell Stewart, Quan, and David Quinones for assisting with anything we needed on the set!


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First off, I’d like to thank ALL of you (my fans) that voted for me and my “Battle Rap” Music Video during the start of this contest. Those that know me know that I hate spamming and that’s exactly what I had to do to make it past the 1st Round of this contest. It was because of you, my fans, that WE were able to do just that! My “Battle Rap” music video was seen my many music industry professionals, bloggers, insiders, and ultimately some of my favorite artist (in Xizibit and Logic) who acted as key judges.

It is my regret to inform you that I did NOT make it to the 2nd Round (Top 25) of this contest. A lot of that is my fault. I gathered a crew together to make an AMAZING music video for this contest; the song was for one called “What I Want”. This video (which will NOW serve as my next video) consisted of a director, a few Cinematographers, Stunt Coordinators, Make-Up artists’, etc. The reason this video was NOT submitted for this contest and “Battle Rap” was is because I thought the submission deadline was in April, NOT March and there was NO WAY we could pull it off in time; for that I am sorry. I have failed you. I have failed you all (my fans).

The “Battle Rap” song/music video- while decent- was rushed and not up to par with the material that I should be giving my fans- I hope you can all see why I submitted it anyway, however, being that NOT submitting a video would be a worse option (in my opinion).

Anyway, from here on out the material you will be getting from me will be flat out great! I have been working extremely hard on this #RaceAgainstTime album and I have a lot of great things up my sleeve… I just hope that YOU ALL can sincerely accept my apology for letting some of you down, and I hope that you continue to rock with me . . . I REALLY WANTED to bring home the trophy, not just for me, but mainly for you and the rest of my team. I’m hungrier more than ever now and will NOT let you down again!

– Jn

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#Onit Music Video (Produced by 6ix)

With the “Check My Vision” mixtape that dropped on 11-12-13 (see what I did there), “busy” doesn’t even begin to describe how much time I haven’t had to get to certain things on the agenda- I’m speaking of the “#Onit” Music Video shoot in particular. Between promoting the mixtape, shopping it, producing for other artist, and continuing to develop my next album, it has truly been a Race Against Time (*SPOILER ALERT* … This will be the album title for my upcoming album).

Anyway, I’m out here doing it as I write you this update. We’re looking to get some night shots out here in Chicago, and the temperature is 32°F right now… I’m FrEeZzZiNg [Laugh]. No matter how many years I’ve been out here, I never seem to get used to this cold.

CREW RIGHT NOW: I’m kicking it with my Director “Danny K”, my cousin “Dre”, my label-mate “Quan”, my homie “Oris”, and this cutie “Marissa” we linked up with today. I’m getting word we may link up with more people in the city? … Word. It’s time to be #Onit !

More news coming soon! Until next time folks!

– Jn

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Letter To Fans!

It’s been a long time coming but I’m happy to announce that the “Check My Vision” mixtape will release on November 12th, 2013. As some of you may already know, the mixtape release date has been pushed back several times (from late May all the way until now). There were multiple reasons for these setbacks.

One reason is that I wanted to see if we could get the songs “Your Love” and “Lose Your Mind” (both featuring Boc Sneezy) remixed and remastered in time to make the tape, as he is currently overseas and I wanted his input on a few things . . . The difference in time zones made it hard to communicate. Working with zzyzx through it all was awesome and the guy gave me a lot of insight and advice on things. We eventually decided it was best to push back the release date.

Another reason for the setback is that I wanted time to produce tracks for the mixtape myself (as I did with “The Fog” and “Robot”). There were other beats I made that I was going to go with but, at the end of the day, I realized that the two that I went with went best for what I was trying to say on the tape (like the overall message).

To add to the setbacks, there were some personal issues going on that I needed to focus on at the time rather than music. I don’t really talk about it much in “Check My Vision”, as some of it is still ongoing and I don’t really know the outcome of it all yet, but I may shed light on it on my next project!

Aside from that, I really wanted to make sure the marketing for this project, quality in content, message, and appeal was all there before a release. I know that the little things go a long way and I wanted to make sure my team and I never missed a step! So, while I know it all took a lot longer than expected, I can confidently say that this is a classic hip-hop mixtape that should not only make a lot of noise, but the time in release was appropriate!

With that being said, I’d like to thank all of my producers who helped me bring this vision together! I’d like to shout out my team for grinding with me and being there in the studio with me, as well as on the set of these music videos, and at my recent shows. Most of all, I’d like to thank you all- my fans! Being the voice you can relate too and being the soundtrack in your life is really why I do this. Let’s change the world! It’s looking like a:

– Jn

Ps. For those of you wondering why “Yeah” didn’t make the mixtape of “Check My Vision”, listen to “#Onit (Skit)” on the tape; it explains everything [Laughs]!

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Check My Vision (Tracklist)


1. Infinite feat. Renegade
(Prod. by Mr. Porter)

2. Pay Attention
(Prod. by Will.I.Am)

3. I’m #Onit (Skit)

4. #Onit
(Prod. by 6ix)

5. The Message
(Prod. by Heavy D)

6. Bears All Day (Skit)

7. Your Love feat. Boc Sneezy
(Prod. by Freddie Joachim)

8. Soulja
(Prod. by 6ix)

9. Intermission
(Prod. by Genius Boy)

10. Touch The Sky
(Prod. by Genius Boy)

11. Lose Your Mind feat. Boc Sneezy
(Prod. by Yaspakid)

12. I Don’t Mean It feat. Maskerade
(Prod. by Scarecrow Beats)

13. The Problem in America
(Prod. by Scarecrow Beats)

14. The Fog feat. Quan
(Prod. by Jay Nice)

15. Robot
(Prod. by Jay Nice)

16. Outro

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Collaborations with Visionary Music Group’s in-house Producer, 6ix, coming soon!

[Time now is 4:52AM]

I have some BIG news I think you’d appreciate! I’ve been on my grind in the studio logging hours and working very hard to put together this upcoming mixtape, that’s not including the album, and wish I would have had more time and energy to tell you sooner (my apologies there) but . . . Lately I’ve been in touch with Music Producer and in-house Producer for Visionary Music Group, 6ix; some moves are definitely being made!

Yes, this does mean that a couple of songs are in the works and being produced by 6ix! Some of his credits (my personal favorites anyway) he did for Logic are: “Welcome To Forever” and “The Come Up” from his Welcome to Forever mixtape and “Inception”, “Use To Hate It”, “Tic Tac Toe”, and “Numbers” from his Undeniable mixtape.

6ix also produced “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” for Dizzy Wright of Funk Volume, as well as “The Flavor”, “Bout That Life”, and “Your Type” on his The Golden Age mixtape! If you haven’t gotten that tape yet, get it soon. It’s dope!

Anyway, I was on my way home thinking about how I was about to bust out my MPC and start producing some tracks when I checked my messages and saw that 6ix left me a message and said that he had sent me a folder full of beats. Safe to say I didn’t make beats that night, just checked out all of his. The kid is fresh people! Pure talent!

One track he produced that I’m working on is called, “#Onit” and seriously I’m going off on it- no pun intended {Laughs}. Another song is called “Soulja” and it’s more of a serious track . . . I don’t want to tell you too much, but just know that they’re coming soon!

– Jn

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“Infinite”- Music Video

[Time now is 11:21PM on August 7th, 2013]

I have literally spent all day filming the “Infinite” music video featuring my guy Renegade from Guaranteed Raw (G Raw) and directed by my homie Danny K. If you don’t already know, “Infinite” is the first song off my upcoming mixtape, Check My Vision. It’s a remix to Eminem’s “Infinite” track from his first ever album, Infinite. Shout outs to Denaun Porter A.K.A “Proof” from D12 on the production credit (RIP my dude).

We started the day off right by grabbing some Jr. Bacon’s from Wendy’s and hitting up the studio at Lab 32. Renegade needed a track laid down for his upcoming mixtape, No End in Sight, so we made sure to knock it out the park. The track is dope! It’s Guaranteed Raw- no pun intended [Laughs]. Be sure to look out for it, it’s called “None We Trust” and features myself and the rest of his Guaranteed Raw comrades.

Anyway, after finishing that up, I figured we would film up the street in the neighborhood I lived in when I was little. We walked over there to do that and for real, the craziest thing happened; these kids saw us filming the video and came running up to talk to us. They wanted my autograph. I told them how I grew up on that same block and how we’re finally turning this dream to reality! Hopefully, it was just the kind of thing they needed to hear to know that they can one day make it out the neighborhood too.

They were cool and asked to be part of the video so we put them in it. We figured it’d be best to use the shots for the “Victory” video. Danny K was then telling me how I most likely made their day after doing that but in all honesty, they probably made mine.

We got back to filming “Infinite” and after looking at the footage, this video is going to be sick! Danny K did some things with the camera we thought were cool and the overall energy behind the project was just where it needed to be. Hopefully the video will drop in the next week or two so be sure to check back soon to catch the video when it drops. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Nice Nation Fan Club for the latest music before it’s released!

– Jn