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Ball State University | Tour!

Ball State University is super dope! Lol it’s out in Muncie, IN and the town is cool because everything is so close together- like bars, venues, and just campus in general; I’m used to everything being way too fucking far from one another, so to have it not like that was pretty chill lol.

One thing I realized that I thought was funny were the townies who were all like “Muncie Sucks“, “I’m trying to get outta here“, or “yeah we’re in the middle of nowhere” . . . . . . Sounds a lot like all the shit we say about our own hometowns, huh? Kind of makes you think if we’re taking all of the fun we can be having in our own towns for granted.

By the way, BSU has some GREAT looking girls! Lol just know . . . 

The show was crazy!! Best performance in my life, in my opinion. Like for real.. Let me tell you why: 

{Side Note: People in Indiana are nice as fuck!!! Haha we parked in a corn field because we saw a sign that read “Friendly Tree Service” so [Drake Voice] “you know how that shit go!” . . . And people were passing us by, waving and shit. Asking if we were okay and not broken down on the side of the road. Dopeness! That never happens back home.}

I was getting ready to go on stage when I somewhere in-between pulled a hamstring, and suffered from high thigh-cramps; I couldn’t put pressure on my leg or anything! I could hardly stand!! So now I’m literally thinking “damn, my song just came on too and I’m suppose to come out any second now!” So I just hopped up on stage and sat down haha.. My entire set was done with me sitting. I had my right leg out chillen and everything, doing a bunch of turn up songs. 

The crowd loved it though- after explaining to them what had just happened backstage, they really started turning up way hard. They thought it was cool that I still came out to do the show – well. . . I mean, YEAH!! Why the hell wouldn’t I? Think I’d come all the way out from Chicago to not perform? So I did my thing and killed it- and whoever that chick in the crowd was with that boss ass camera, captured the whole show on camera. If I ever get footage from that, I’ll post it up. 

No worries though, my started feeling better as the night passed. Is there a such thing as drinking too much water before a show?? Know that I think about it, I feel like I heard that before and I did have four bottles of water. If you find out, let a brother know!!!

Then when I finished performing, I saw a lunch truck in the middle of the night making Fiesta Buriitos . . . . Had to get one! It was FIRE!!! Haha.


Anyway, now is Day two of your and I’m at at Indiana University!! Just checked into my hotel room. I’m about to shower and cool it before we say what’s up to the university! If you see me outside, say what’s up! We have dope plans tonight! Shouts out to you for reading this!




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Official Tour T-Shirt | Now Available! 

Relish Clothing came out and did an Official “Race Against Time Tour” T-Shirt that represents the message I have been trying to deliver: Go out there and live your dream, PERIOD, before it’s too late for you to do so!   

Get your Official “Race Against Time Tour” T-Shirt NOW for only $15.00!! Proceeds from the shirt help with tour expenses! Click on the link here—> <— and order yours NOW!! 

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Lose Your Mind | Music Video!

Filming the music video to “Lose Your Mind (feat. Sneezy Music)” was absolutely crazy and hella’ fun because the turn-up was absolutley REAL in that video [Laughs] . . . Maybe a little too real . . . . . . . {*Note to self: NEXT TIME, use water!!!!!!} . . . . Big ups to the always sexy Traci Nicholas for being apart of it and coming out to vibe and rock out with me – that was dope! 

I know the video was long overdue but it was that way because we wanted to make sure we gave you a super dope video that fit the concept of what I’m talking about in the song- hopefully we did that! Shout out to Danny K on Directing and Producing the video- I think it looks SICK!! Lastly, thanks and a huge shout out to my fans for holding me down! 

Be sure to use the official hashtag for the upcoming tour (#RaceAgainstTimeTour) on Facebook and ESPECIALLY on Twitter. Also, Like and Suscribe on my YouTube channel when you have a chance. 

***Watch the Official Music Video to “Lose Your Mind” by clicking —-> here <—-!!!*** 

Tour kicks off in a little less than a month! Let’s do it BIG!!!


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Jon Writer | Interview on WLIP 1050!

I’d like to give a BIG shout out to WLIP 1050 Radio out in Pleaseant Praire, Wisconsin for having me LIVE on the air and talking to me about all the cool stuff I got coming up! That touch about girls from London was pretty solid- y’all know I love me them London girls [Laughs]! 

I had lots of fun sitting down and talking about my latest album, upcoming tour, and sponsor in Relish Brand Clothing! Y’all are some FUNNY dudes- all I could do was laugh. 

For all of you that might have missed the radio interview, you can watch the video to it by clicking HERE !! 

Hope to be on the show again soon- maybe when the very next project drops [soon]! It was pretty dope chillen’ with y’all in the WLIP/WILL Rock studio! S/O to y’all one last time and to all of my fans! Tour kicks off soon!!! Yeeeeaahhhhh booooiiii!!!!


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Jon Writer – Official Tour Dates!

I am beyond excited to FINALLY tell you about the upcoming #RaceAgainstTimeTour ! While the album dropped last year, I had a lot of “personal” issues that prevented me from actually touring when the album dropped- bummer there, I know…. But better late than never; and the timing couldn’t be anymore PERFECT!!

You see this time around, I have my entire camp ready to go out and do this- from a professional Camera Crew, to Runners, to Sponsors, to Student Organizations, to Street-Teams, to other dope artists like Steff Marvin, Sam Original, Nams Homeless, and a hell of a lot more…. This shit is going to be fucking poppin’! What’s more is all of the other cool stuff, like merchandise! 

  1. I teamed up with the homie Derrick, from Relish Brand Clothing, to bring you the HOTTEST “Official” tour shirts you can get! Be on the lookout for that soon!
  2. I also restocked on albums [Hard-copies] being that they’ve been SOLD OUT for a long time now!!! Even f.y.e. retailers are out of stock! 
  3. There are two (2) separate Official tour wristbands that will be making an appearance this year- one version is all black with white lettering, and the other is a blue glow-in-the-dark option with white lettering!
  4. There will also be a dope Official poster for y’all to show your friends! Do Not miss out on this sick poster!
  5. Other merchandise is being kept secret and will be available at the show! ^_^

Tickets at each venue will go for $5 General Admission. The other option is the $10 VIP Meet-&-Geet (which includes a FREE copy of the “Race Against Time” album [Hard-copy], FREE Official tour wristbands, FREE signed Official poster, and picture session)! *Find me out in the quad at your college campus for a chance to WIN FREE tickets!!!!*

The game-changer in all of this is that we will be filming a TV/Web series (think The Buried Life, Reality TV, etc.) covering the entire tour, and detailing tour life from everyone’s perspective! Each individual day will be one (1) Episode covering everyone and everything involved, and we are just as excited to give it to you as you will be to watch it!

Currently, we have plans to meet with several radio stations, organizations, and other media forms in several markets to bring you exclusive coverage on tour life, new songs, new videos, and the whole nine! 

In closing, I’d like to give a BIG shout out to all of my sponsors and organizations involved on this tour, it’s going to be insane! To my fans, I’d obviously be nothing without you… And I’d also like to point out and thank the American Cancer Society for teaming up with me at Carthage College. All ticket sales from that show will be donated to that charity!

*** ALSO*** Be on the look out for the OFFICIAL Music Video Release to the hit song, “Lose Your Mind” feat. Sneezy Music! The homegirl Traci stopped by to make a cameo and let me tell you, she’s looking good! 

With that being said, I hope to see you on my tour and at my Meet-&-Greet session, and I hope you make a cameo on my TV show! Let’s go!!



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Sponsorship – Relish Brand Clothing

Shout outs to #RelishBrandClothing for hooking me up with dope gear! They’re a Chicago based company and they’re also making the OFFICIAL #RaceAgainstTimeTour T-Shirts that’ll be available for purchase soon! Be sure to keep an eye out for that – lots to come both this month and next because as you already know, everything is just a Race Against Time! 

You’ll see some of their gear in my next music video, “Right Here”, set to release later this month!

Order your gear NOW and check out their online store, by clicking on “Relish Brand Clothing” below! Oh, and by the way…. Yes, that is Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls sporting the Relish Brand in the photo!

Relish Brand Clothing | CLICK HERE 


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BearHead Clothing – Sponsorship! 

Shout outs to #BearHeadClothing for hooking me up with some pretty solid gear! They even threw in some Snapbacks just cause they rock with my music! I know you can’t see those in the picture, but don’t even trip – they snapped (no pun intended)!! Haha. Much Luv on them doing that! They’re based out of Ohio and have a lot of things planned for the rest of the year! 

I’m gonna be sure to sport some of their gear in my next music video, so be sure to look out for that. You can order your own gear and check out their online store, by clicking on “BearHead Clothing” below! 

BearHead Clothing Store | CLICK HERE  


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Concert at Carthage College 4/17/15!

Benefiting the American Cancer Society and in partnership with Colleges Against Cancer, I will be performing live at Relay For Life at Carthage College in Wisconsin on Friday, April 17th! 

Cancer is tragic and my heart goes out to those who have already gone through it, or are just now going through it. Giving back to charity is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, and to be able to do so by using my talent- not to mention teaming up with the American Cancer Society– is just one of the most awesome feelings I’ve ever had! 

If you’re in the area or would like to commute, come out and see an awesome concert!!! I have a lot up my sleeves for this show in particular! I will also be selling physical albums on sight with half the proceeds going to charity! Be sure to find me and meet-&-greet with me after the show!



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“W.I.W.” – NOW in Westmont Film Festival!

“What I Want”, the Independent Short-Film based on an original song by Jon Writer, will be screening at the Westmont Frozen Film Festival this Saturday February 21st in Westmont, IL! The festival runs from 1pm to 3:30pm and the film will screen at 2:10pm! If you are going to be in the area, come out and hang with members of the cast and crew!

75 East Richmond St.
Westmont IL, 60559


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Jon Writer- NOW on Pandora!

I would like to give a BIG Thank you to ALL OF THE FANS that have been supporting me throughout the years- we made it onto Pandora! This is incredible! This is a huge deal for me considering the fact that I’ve been working endlessly at music for a long time now, and it’s awesome to be apart of the team that I’m building now- this includes you, the fans!

Something like making it onto Pandora is a dream-come-true for me; I’ve always wanted this. I have it now. And it’s a BIG thanks to you! Please continue the support- clicking “Thumps Up”, Bookmarking me, and bookmarking my songs!

Still in disbelief the entire Race Against Time album is on Pandora!

#TeamWriter #RaceAgainstTime