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University of Iowa | Day 12??!!

Got into Iowa City late Monday night, in preparation for Wednesday night’s show at Gabe’s! I figured if we got into town a few days early, we’ll have extra time at some promo for the show. 

After checking into the hotel, we went out to eat at this place called, “Mickey’s” which was pretty fire!!! The burger’s were kinda small, but for a $5 Basket it was kind of on point! I also played $1 BINGO games, but lost lol.

After I left the bar and walked back to the hotel, I saw some posters of me around town- which was pretty solid!! Promo game on point!

Went back to the Hotel and passed out. Nothing too exciting other then those Burger Baskets! Tonight was pretty low key!

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Bradley University | Day 11!!!

Sleep. Today was a lot of sleep. Made it out to Bradley a University and went straight to the venue (“The Rail II”). Upon getting there, the person in-charge that booked us was not in attendance . . . this is starting to get annoying, fast! As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was apparently double-booked with a Metal Band for the evening . . . 




This is the only way to truly ensure that this kind of thing never happens. With that said, the venue was accommodating and put me in their second room. To be quite frank, this show was probably the worst one yet, attendance-wise. 

Watching my words here . . . I don’t think this show received the proper promotion it deserved. The life of an upcoming artist, am I right?!

I did meet someone I think can be a key player in my entire operation, however… Only time will tell.

After the show, we headed to Illinios State University (which was about a 45 minute drive) to hanging out with Guarenteed Raw for the night. Sorry Redbirds . . . I was literally only in town long enough to sleep and wake up he next day to head to the next tour stop! I will be back soon though!!!!

Once we got to ISU, I hit the grocery store and bought Boneless Wings, Pizza, Fried Chicken, Peach Snapples, and Reese’s chocolates cups for all of us to grub on at Abby’s house!! Haha I love my friends!

Shouts out to Abby for the hospitality. I really appreciate that! And you have a cool accent haha. Tell your cutest friend that I said hi. Lol jk.

Bsay – you’re the man guy! Always have been. Keep doing what you do guy- your talents are flawless! I really look up to you big guy! Love ya kid!! 

Eddie P- you’re always the homie and always will be. Love you too dawg!!!!

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U. of Illinois | Day 10!!!

Sooooo much happened tonight, it was CRAZY!! Tonight’s show at Joe’s was pretty ledgit too (few things on that in a second). 

First off, shout out to Adam and Amanda for hanging out with me before the show- hope you enjoyed that bottle of Viniq! Haha I’m glad I found it after telling you the story about how when you shake it, it looks like the Galaxy! 

Anyway, checked into the hotel and Nams started laughing uncontrollably because my Hotel room number was 474- which is “47” or “74” depending on how you look at it. Apparently the number “47” is some sort of spiritual number and he’s been seeing that number everywhere on tour! Haha. Like we went out to eat somewhere and the girl who served us had the number “47” on her shirt… Lol it’s weird!! 

Once I got to the venue, all of the artist were there and ready to go, which is always dope! Joe’s decided to have us play outside which was okay. Shouts out to MME | Guarenteed Raw | and Nams Homeless for doing their thing… 

I started noticing that more people came closer to the performance area after each opener. By the time I was up, I had homies on the balcony at the building next to us showing luv and watching the show. There were also people outside of Joe’s, that couldn’t get in for whatever reason, watching the performance from the other side of the gate – and a huge line of people paying to get into Joe’s after hearing the first song or two into my set.

At one point in my show, I asked the crowd for a female who was single to come up on stage with me. This cute blonde girl named Lauren came up and I performed the song “Down Tonight” for her. Haha she loved it!! It was cool seeing her blush the whole time and vibe out with me. Shouts out to the other girl, whatever her name was, that kept coming up and dancing the whole time I was performing!! Respect!!! 

As I was closing my set out, the boys in blue showed up and from what people were saying, it was a noise complaint- looks like we turnt that place out!! Haha. I don’t know how accurate that is but if it’s true, then maybe you shouldn’t have Jon Writer play outside!!! Lol.

All in all, it was a great show! I met lots of new people after the show and the University of Illinois has a lot of hot chicks!   Haha. Go figure!

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U. of Mizzou | Day 9!!!

Honestly, I’m forgetting what day it is! I only know my days by where I’m playing next and what time. Is today actually day 9 on tour???? Anyway, we got into town and checked into the hotel- this one is pretty solid!! Got a big ol’ bathroom like Kim K’s booty!!!! Lol

Alright so for serious . . . Got to the venue and met up with my Sponsor for the show: NORML from the University of Mizzou! Them dudes are pretty solid. They showed love at the show, we took some pictures, and had a pretty cool after-party after my show; they even hooked me up with a FREE green T-Shirt! 

Without giving too much details away about the show, just know we had a fun time lol. 

S/O to B-Skan for coming out and not only performing, but also hooking me up with a “Shoot Your Local Heroin Dealer” T-Shirt and Snapback! Dude is dope. S/O to MME as well for rocking out. 

Next Stop: Joe’s | University of Illinois!! Should be fun!!

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St. Louis | Day 8!!! 

St. Louis is always the bomb whenever I hit it up! I got into town and met my homie Mahdie Ali at Shock City Studios- my favorite studio of all time, just know . . . And this time around, Shock City hooked us up with some Monster Energy drinks- I appreciate the luv Shock City! 

By the time I got there, Mahdie had the homies in there with him and they were cooking up the smoothest track I’ve heard in a looooong time- mad luv, them dudes have mad talent! 

I checked my email and saw the homie from Indiana University, Billy Winters, sent me a .Zip file of beats that I absolutely had to destroy- perfect timing being that I had just gotten to the studio! I went in on a track he sent and called the track “All Right (feat. Mahdie Ali)“.

Yup! That new Mahdie Ali feature is coming soooooon!!!!!! Haha like you can’t put us in front of a State-of-the-Art recording studio and not have us come out with a banger!

After I left the studio, I went straight to the venue where I met up with a lot of the openers, which from what I saw they’re all dope! B-Skan throws down the nastiest set!! He is super dope, y’all need to look him up. Mahdie Ali obviously is a dope performer! Lol he’s like little Pharrrell Williams. Then we had the Xcedra Twins come through and throw down on their set with some dancers … That was really tight to see!

When it was all said and done, I had a good time and still think highly of St. Louis! Glad they came out and showed love and I was hella proud of all of the openers! Collectively, we put on one hell of a show! 

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St. Louis | DAY 7!!!

Nothing too exciting today, except for the fact that we arrived in St. Louis a day early and made it to a St. Louis Cardnials vs. Chicago Cubs game at Busch Stadium! The entire stadium was in red and white- I had on my black “Race Against Time Tour” T-shirts . . . Not like I excepted to see the Cubs on tour lol. Apparently I made it onto TV while I was there too- haha you know I had to. I looked at my phone at the game and saw several people telling me they just saw us at the game- dopeness!

After the game we just headed toward the venue we’re playing at to check it out the day before the show. While doing that, we sold several albums out on the street!! Good thing I was a Manager at Nordstrom with Selling experience once upon a time, it helps when you’re out on the street hustling! 
Bed now. Tired. 



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S. Illinois University | Day 5!!!

Today is our last off day, and the second leg of tour officially starts tomorrow with a show at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. All we did was wake up late, hit a little restaurant called “Phiona” that served the bombest pancakes, stopped a Guitar Center to pick up some D.I. Adaptor that Dan needed, did some laundry, and took a nap.

Today was about sleep. And I got that! Now it’s 6:25pm and time to take a 5 hour drive to Des Moines, Iowa . . . . . Wonder we’re I’ll stop for dinner . . . . . . .[Update 7:22pm: Jumbo Chicken Popcorn from Sonic it is! Now time to head to Drake University. Here we go!]

Lol Day 4 was so much fun haha. One thing I NOW know is Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville goes hard!! Very fun times!


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S. Illinois University | Day 4!!!

Hit with another off day before our official second show on tour (Crazy to think I’m only two shows in and everything that’s happened so far has- seriously the love from everybody is incredible), we decided to link up with some people we know at Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville! Once we got there, we figured we’d send out a tweet about performing a “Secrete Show” out by the pool at the “Edge” apartments.

Safe to say easily 40 people showed up in about 15 minutes- that’s dope! Now being that the pool area was closing, we brought the party up to room 2-205 where we performed and got it cracking!!! 

Nams Homeless went first with his performance and shut the party down after just a song and a half!! Lol literally, the “boys in blue” came to shut the party down- the turn up was too real. 

After we shut the music down long enough to for cops to leave, we got the music going back up again and I turned all the way up with a solid performance- waking up this morning, I realized it’s one of those performance you lose your voice too. Damn it.

If you’re wondering how the rest of the night went, sadly I’m not posting the nitty gritty on here lol, but you can look at the picture below:

Annnnnnnd with that this is the perfect time to tell you to go out and get your OFFICIAL “Race Against Time Tour” T-Shirt before I sell out! Get them below:


– jw

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Indiana University | Day 3!!

After getting a personal shout out by “DMC” from legendary rap group “Run-DMC”, we decided to stay at Indiana University for one more night. We’re like fuck it, we techinally don’t need to be anywhere else being that it’s an off day in the tour schedule. 

So we woke up late as hell, of coarse, and went over to check out tailgating- Indiana was play Sourthern Illinois University at home, which they won by the way. After passing out some merch and saying what’s up to people, I met this girl Josolyn at the cornie market store who ended up being cool as hell.

[IU girls are badddddd!! Just know lol]

After finding out about my music, she wanted to go chill somewhere else. We did. Lol. Then this homeboy walking down the street came approaching toward us and I asked if she knew this dude. She was like “naw, I don’t know him.” I tweeked and I was kind of like, “I probably shouldn’t grind this up than right now right now . . .

It ended up being straight though, he turned out to be a Producer by the name of “Billy Winters” – he had actually been looking for artist to collaborate with! By some luck in the universe we just so happened to be at the same spot at the exact same time – shit, thank you Josolyn! Haha..

So we went back to dude’s place and homie just starts BREAKING IT DOWN on the turntables and showed us the sickest beats! We event got to record some. Expect to see “Produced by Billy Winters” on a couple of tracks soon. 

Anyway, we jet setted out there after “Phil of The Future” made us some bomb as Chicken!!! That shit was FIRE!! He was Billy Winter’s Roommate! Shouts out to Billy, Phil, Vic (the homie with the fresh ass gear), Mike from Pittsburg who played a dopeass set on the guitar!! Y’all are the homies and we appreciate the hospitality! 

{Side Note: $140 a room at Comfort Inn at 12:00 AM and a 12pm checkout is bullllllllshhhiiittt!!!}

Things I need to do more of on this tour, in no order:

  1. Take Pictures
  2. Sleep
  3. Listen to Music
  4. Not drive
  5. Film shit
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Indiana University | Day 2!!!

For those of you that read my last post . . . My leg is alright now lol. Idk wtf happened last night but I’m good now, just sore from all this moving around and traveling with a bunch of bags. I should get Dan to get these bags for me lol .. [Aye yo Dan!!?!!]

Real talk though, I was suppose to be performing tonight here at Indiana University but the venue I was scheduled to perform at ended up shutting down last minute, unexpectedly – sorry IU! Not sure what happened, must have been something bad though. If you happen to know why that happened to THAT venue, let me know. . . I was just told that they “unfortunately had to shut down for unforeseen circumstances.”

So then another venue, Dunnkirk, decided to book me and everything was official!! Hell, I was set and ready to go! But again, more bullshit from venue owners – starting to realize why Artist, especially in Rap, have shitty relationship with Venue Owners sometimes; no one meets eye to eye and someone is sloppy in their business. It’s either:

1. A Rapper has trouble arriving early to set up his own stage, be attentive, run the show, and monitor the Openers check-in and setlist . . . OR . . .

2. The venue owners just lack and don’t communicate well with Artist. Then don’t pay attention to their own booking.

The basic rundown is I got double booked.

[Who’d they book instead?]

So looks like it was a case of #2. Haha – it’s all funny to me though. I’m not tripping about it really. Either way I was gonna come to IU to show love to the people that DID want to come out and see me!- and the fans that have been confused about whether I’m playing tonight or not. Shit’s been a struggle. But my bad IU, it was out of my control.

{SIDE NOTE: I’m about to step my game up and get contracts for each show. Never thought I’d actually have to do that but that’s how the game goes now I guess. I like to work with a guarantee and have everything planned out, and the only way to do that is with ink! Just haven’t met anyone not on point like that. No hard feelings though.}

IU your town is dope but I’m not a fan of your venue managers! But at least it’s not my fault and I still have a hotel that looks like a Castle to show for it right now.

So let me paint the picture: While all this is happening, the sponsored organization is trying to set something up for me out on their Quad instead, since these venues were on some bullshit basically. They came back and said there were talks about having me perform for “Welcome Week”. Sounds dope right? Well RUN IT is my thing! I’m all about RESULTS. So after speaking to all the heads that they needed to about it, with two days out before the show date, it just couldn’t come all together- according to the higher ups. Damn!


*** [UPDATE: 11:07pm] ***
I was cooling through town and met some hip-hop folks down the street outside another venue. Looks like I’m now performing on the lineup lol Talk about doing a 180! Looks like we don’t fold!!! Dudes on my team set this up, idk what’s going on.

*** [UPDATE: 11:30pm] ***
They’re gonna run out of time now so it’s a no go- we folded lol. Still not our fault, we’re going by what people want but if other things prevent it from happening beyond our control.
So we ended up going to the venue I was SUPPOSE to perform at tonight and guess who I got double booked for . . . . . The Legendary “DMC” from Hip-Hop Group “Run DMC” !! I guess to be out booked by a Legend is understandable, right?