Lose Your Mind | Music Video!

Filming the music video to “Lose Your Mind (feat. Sneezy Music)” was absolutely crazy and hella’ fun because the turn-up was absolutley REAL in that video [Laughs] . . . Maybe a little too real . . . . . . . {*Note to self: NEXT TIME, use water!!!!!!} . . . . Big ups to the always sexy Traci Nicholas for being apart of it and coming out to vibe and rock out with me – that was dope! 

I know the video was long overdue but it was that way because we wanted to make sure we gave you a super dope video that fit the concept of what I’m talking about in the song- hopefully we did that! Shout out to Danny K on Directing and Producing the video- I think it looks SICK!! Lastly, thanks and a huge shout out to my fans for holding me down! 

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***Watch the Official Music Video to “Lose Your Mind” by clicking —-> here <—-!!!*** 

Tour kicks off in a little less than a month! Let’s do it BIG!!!



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