Jon Writer – Official Tour Dates!

I am beyond excited to FINALLY tell you about the upcoming #RaceAgainstTimeTour ! While the album dropped last year, I had a lot of “personal” issues that prevented me from actually touring when the album dropped- bummer there, I know…. But better late than never; and the timing couldn’t be anymore PERFECT!!

You see this time around, I have my entire camp ready to go out and do this- from a professional Camera Crew, to Runners, to Sponsors, to Student Organizations, to Street-Teams, to other dope artists like Steff Marvin, Sam Original, Nams Homeless, and a hell of a lot more…. This shit is going to be fucking poppin’! What’s more is all of the other cool stuff, like merchandise! 

  1. I teamed up with the homie Derrick, from Relish Brand Clothing, to bring you the HOTTEST “Official” tour shirts you can get! Be on the lookout for that soon!
  2. I also restocked on albums [Hard-copies] being that they’ve been SOLD OUT for a long time now!!! Even f.y.e. retailers are out of stock! 
  3. There are two (2) separate Official tour wristbands that will be making an appearance this year- one version is all black with white lettering, and the other is a blue glow-in-the-dark option with white lettering!
  4. There will also be a dope Official poster for y’all to show your friends! Do Not miss out on this sick poster!
  5. Other merchandise is being kept secret and will be available at the show! ^_^

Tickets at each venue will go for $5 General Admission. The other option is the $10 VIP Meet-&-Geet (which includes a FREE copy of the “Race Against Time” album [Hard-copy], FREE Official tour wristbands, FREE signed Official poster, and picture session)! *Find me out in the quad at your college campus for a chance to WIN FREE tickets!!!!*

The game-changer in all of this is that we will be filming a TV/Web series (think The Buried Life, Reality TV, etc.) covering the entire tour, and detailing tour life from everyone’s perspective! Each individual day will be one (1) Episode covering everyone and everything involved, and we are just as excited to give it to you as you will be to watch it!

Currently, we have plans to meet with several radio stations, organizations, and other media forms in several markets to bring you exclusive coverage on tour life, new songs, new videos, and the whole nine! 

In closing, I’d like to give a BIG shout out to all of my sponsors and organizations involved on this tour, it’s going to be insane! To my fans, I’d obviously be nothing without you… And I’d also like to point out and thank the American Cancer Society for teaming up with me at Carthage College. All ticket sales from that show will be donated to that charity!

*** ALSO*** Be on the look out for the OFFICIAL Music Video Release to the hit song, “Lose Your Mind” feat. Sneezy Music! The homegirl Traci stopped by to make a cameo and let me tell you, she’s looking good! 

With that being said, I hope to see you on my tour and at my Meet-&-Greet session, and I hope you make a cameo on my TV show! Let’s go!!




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