Jon Writer | Interview on WLIP 1050!

I’d like to give a BIG shout out to WLIP 1050 Radio out in Pleaseant Praire, Wisconsin for having me LIVE on the air and talking to me about all the cool stuff I got coming up! That touch about girls from London was pretty solid- y’all know I love me them London girls [Laughs]! 

I had lots of fun sitting down and talking about my latest album, upcoming tour, and sponsor in Relish Brand Clothing! Y’all are some FUNNY dudes- all I could do was laugh. 

For all of you that might have missed the radio interview, you can watch the video to it by clicking HERE !! 

Hope to be on the show again soon- maybe when the very next project drops [soon]! It was pretty dope chillen’ with y’all in the WLIP/WILL Rock studio! S/O to y’all one last time and to all of my fans! Tour kicks off soon!!! Yeeeeaahhhhh booooiiii!!!!



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