Indiana University | Day 3!!

After getting a personal shout out by “DMC” from legendary rap group “Run-DMC”, we decided to stay at Indiana University for one more night. We’re like fuck it, we techinally don’t need to be anywhere else being that it’s an off day in the tour schedule. 

So we woke up late as hell, of coarse, and went over to check out tailgating- Indiana was play Sourthern Illinois University at home, which they won by the way. After passing out some merch and saying what’s up to people, I met this girl Josolyn at the cornie market store who ended up being cool as hell.

[IU girls are badddddd!! Just know lol]

After finding out about my music, she wanted to go chill somewhere else. We did. Lol. Then this homeboy walking down the street came approaching toward us and I asked if she knew this dude. She was like “naw, I don’t know him.” I tweeked and I was kind of like, “I probably shouldn’t grind this up than right now right now . . .

It ended up being straight though, he turned out to be a Producer by the name of “Billy Winters” – he had actually been looking for artist to collaborate with! By some luck in the universe we just so happened to be at the same spot at the exact same time – shit, thank you Josolyn! Haha..

So we went back to dude’s place and homie just starts BREAKING IT DOWN on the turntables and showed us the sickest beats! We event got to record some. Expect to see “Produced by Billy Winters” on a couple of tracks soon. 

Anyway, we jet setted out there after “Phil of The Future” made us some bomb as Chicken!!! That shit was FIRE!! He was Billy Winter’s Roommate! Shouts out to Billy, Phil, Vic (the homie with the fresh ass gear), Mike from Pittsburg who played a dopeass set on the guitar!! Y’all are the homies and we appreciate the hospitality! 

{Side Note: $140 a room at Comfort Inn at 12:00 AM and a 12pm checkout is bullllllllshhhiiittt!!!}

Things I need to do more of on this tour, in no order:

  1. Take Pictures
  2. Sleep
  3. Listen to Music
  4. Not drive
  5. Film shit


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