Indiana University | Day 2!!!

For those of you that read my last post . . . My leg is alright now lol. Idk wtf happened last night but I’m good now, just sore from all this moving around and traveling with a bunch of bags. I should get Dan to get these bags for me lol .. [Aye yo Dan!!?!!]

Real talk though, I was suppose to be performing tonight here at Indiana University but the venue I was scheduled to perform at ended up shutting down last minute, unexpectedly – sorry IU! Not sure what happened, must have been something bad though. If you happen to know why that happened to THAT venue, let me know. . . I was just told that they “unfortunately had to shut down for unforeseen circumstances.”

So then another venue, Dunnkirk, decided to book me and everything was official!! Hell, I was set and ready to go! But again, more bullshit from venue owners – starting to realize why Artist, especially in Rap, have shitty relationship with Venue Owners sometimes; no one meets eye to eye and someone is sloppy in their business. It’s either:

1. A Rapper has trouble arriving early to set up his own stage, be attentive, run the show, and monitor the Openers check-in and setlist . . . OR . . .

2. The venue owners just lack and don’t communicate well with Artist. Then don’t pay attention to their own booking.

The basic rundown is I got double booked.

[Who’d they book instead?]

So looks like it was a case of #2. Haha – it’s all funny to me though. I’m not tripping about it really. Either way I was gonna come to IU to show love to the people that DID want to come out and see me!- and the fans that have been confused about whether I’m playing tonight or not. Shit’s been a struggle. But my bad IU, it was out of my control.

{SIDE NOTE: I’m about to step my game up and get contracts for each show. Never thought I’d actually have to do that but that’s how the game goes now I guess. I like to work with a guarantee and have everything planned out, and the only way to do that is with ink! Just haven’t met anyone not on point like that. No hard feelings though.}

IU your town is dope but I’m not a fan of your venue managers! But at least it’s not my fault and I still have a hotel that looks like a Castle to show for it right now.

So let me paint the picture: While all this is happening, the sponsored organization is trying to set something up for me out on their Quad instead, since these venues were on some bullshit basically. They came back and said there were talks about having me perform for “Welcome Week”. Sounds dope right? Well RUN IT is my thing! I’m all about RESULTS. So after speaking to all the heads that they needed to about it, with two days out before the show date, it just couldn’t come all together- according to the higher ups. Damn!


*** [UPDATE: 11:07pm] ***
I was cooling through town and met some hip-hop folks down the street outside another venue. Looks like I’m now performing on the lineup lol Talk about doing a 180! Looks like we don’t fold!!! Dudes on my team set this up, idk what’s going on.

*** [UPDATE: 11:30pm] ***
They’re gonna run out of time now so it’s a no go- we folded lol. Still not our fault, we’re going by what people want but if other things prevent it from happening beyond our control.
So we ended up going to the venue I was SUPPOSE to perform at tonight and guess who I got double booked for . . . . . The Legendary “DMC” from Hip-Hop Group “Run DMC” !! I guess to be out booked by a Legend is understandable, right?