Carthage College | Day 15 !! 

Carthage was by FAR my favorite tour stop on the #RaceAgainstTimeTour !!!!!! So much LOVE I received the entire time I was there – you love playing at places like this! The show was sponsored by Colleges Against Cancer and Tau Sigma Chi – HUGE shout out to them for allowing me to make a tour stop and donate 100% of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society charity! 

Carthage College was also the only venue I actually brought out a LIVE drummer to the show … I had to do something extra for Carthage College!!!! They put me on so I had to go hard for them. The stage was set up perfectly, and they had a wireless microphone! Solid. 

Three awesome things that I did at this show were: 

  1. I saw this girl wearing silver glitter shoes that were actually pretty bad ass! I brought her on stage just to show the crowd how dope they were lol.
  2. I then re-brought her back on stage to dedicate and rap the song “Down Tonight” to her. She loved it!! It was awesome seeing her blush.
  3. I FINALLY crowd-surfed!!!!!!! I was scared as fuck too!!!! I kept thinking nobody was going to catch me. Then when the song “Another Level” came on (right before the hook), I just ran and jumped off stage!!! I felt like I leaped wayyyyy far – like I dove away from a granade or something, but after watching the video on it I realized I didn’t get much air after the jump lol. I also realized I suck at jumping in general. Everyone’s first jump is kinda bad though, right?!

{SIDE NOTE: Tau Sigma Chi had some awesome shirts! They looked like the black Jack Daniel’s T-Shirts you see everywhere but instead of saying “Jack Daniel’s” it read “Tau Sigma Chi”.. Idk, I thought it was awesome and worth mentioning.}

After the show, we packed up and hungout with some really cool people! I appreciate everyone from Colleges Against Cancer and Tau Sigma Chi for helping me put on an awesome show! 

With that said, I would like to specifically draw some extra attention to the following individuals:

Donte (Drummer): Not many people know this, but that was our FIRST time EVER performing together! We didn’t even practice or anything before the show!!! You killed it man!!! I am beyond proud of you and happy to call you “friend”. Let’s keep changing the world big guy!

Amanda Ostrem (President): Thank you for allowing me to come out to Carthage College for the second time and give everyone an awesome show! I appreciate you not allowing the rain or flood warning to influence the show in any way, shape, or form! I’d be more than happy to return again if you were interested in having me back!

Maggie O’toole (Contact Person): Thanks a lot of being there when we showed up and helping us load-in and all of that . . . I also appreciate you helping me find some awesome Carthage College gear to rock and I appreciate the Gatorade and Chips you brought me!! Especially the Hot Cheetos! That’s my shit!!!! That was on point!! You snapped!! Thank you!!

Mackenzie (???????): Your random knowledge obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation because you “don’t fuck with shitty sources” was fucking hilarious! Thanks for a bunch of random ass knowledge! Not sure when or where I’ll use any of that . . . . . But if I ever need to know something I’ll most definitely hit you up!

Nasreen (???Tressure??): Thanks for chillen with me most of the show and having some good conversation! Lol our jokes were great! I can’t believe we made “Corn Bugs” an actual thing hahahahaha wtf?!?! You seem to be an awesome girl, your name is unique yet still really pretty, and you’re beyond beautiful- I mean that . . . I’m glad to have met you! 


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