Bradley University | Day 11!!!

Sleep. Today was a lot of sleep. Made it out to Bradley a University and went straight to the venue (“The Rail II”). Upon getting there, the person in-charge that booked us was not in attendance . . . this is starting to get annoying, fast! As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was apparently double-booked with a Metal Band for the evening . . . 




This is the only way to truly ensure that this kind of thing never happens. With that said, the venue was accommodating and put me in their second room. To be quite frank, this show was probably the worst one yet, attendance-wise. 

Watching my words here . . . I don’t think this show received the proper promotion it deserved. The life of an upcoming artist, am I right?!

I did meet someone I think can be a key player in my entire operation, however… Only time will tell.

After the show, we headed to Illinios State University (which was about a 45 minute drive) to hanging out with Guarenteed Raw for the night. Sorry Redbirds . . . I was literally only in town long enough to sleep and wake up he next day to head to the next tour stop! I will be back soon though!!!!

Once we got to ISU, I hit the grocery store and bought Boneless Wings, Pizza, Fried Chicken, Peach Snapples, and Reese’s chocolates cups for all of us to grub on at Abby’s house!! Haha I love my friends!

Shouts out to Abby for the hospitality. I really appreciate that! And you have a cool accent haha. Tell your cutest friend that I said hi. Lol jk.

Bsay – you’re the man guy! Always have been. Keep doing what you do guy- your talents are flawless! I really look up to you big guy! Love ya kid!! 

Eddie P- you’re always the homie and always will be. Love you too dawg!!!!


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