Sample BackgroundIf you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime artist, look no further; Jon Writer is an American Rapper from Chicago, IL that always seeks to capitalize and expand his brand! With an ever-growing fanbase, he currently has break-through songs in “[Women] in Stilettos”, “Legendary”, and “Lose Your Mind” that are receiving radio play nationwide!

Fresh off of his first official headlining tour dubbed “The Race Against Time Tour”, Jon Writer is back and ready to take the world by storm with his artistic music structure, hit bangers, and incredible live performances! His homegrown and determined work ethic has lead to bringing other artists to the forefront for their careers – artist like Keef Phonomancer, Sam Original, Narada Sauti, Guaranteed Raw, Nams Homeless, MME, Mahdie Ali, Xcedera Twins, and Haylee Espinoza; all of which joined him for performances on tour across five different states- and this is only the beginning! Jon Writer- Tour ScheduleHe finished his last stop on his tour at “Coast2Coast” in Atlanta, Georgia – where he beat out his competition and took the 1st Place Award for Top Unsigned Artist! As a result, Writer has since worked with Grammy Nominated Producers to develop new songs he’s excited to release soon! That being said, his second official tour is currently in the works as he preps for the release of his second studio album: “Independently Famous”.

His current music is now available on Apple Music | Pandora Radio | Spotify | Tidal | iHeart Radio | Google Play | Shazam | Xbox Live | PlayStation Network | and Beats Music! Go out and purchase, download, and stream your copy TODAY!! Jon Writer- Media PictureAfter enrolling into Illinois State University in the Fall of 2010, Jon Writer released his first two projects under his previous stage name (“Jay Nice”) called, “Me. I Am.” and “College School-Kid”. The reception had the city of Bloomington-Normal buzzing! From there on, he began freestyling at parties to gain exposure – usually upon request from the locals that had already known of his talent. Upon graduating, he wanted to get serious with music and take on the next faze of his music career; this is when he decided to change his stage name to “Jon Writer”, so as to represent his underlying mission with music: portray reality, convey knowledge, and have fun with the life he was given and through his journey to the next level.

In an exclusive interview with Spate Magazine, he states:

In 3 years I see myself still making great music with a forever growing fan base, and playing shows on the Moon while scheming out how I can book a show on Mars! – Spate Magazine

While a bit humorous in nature, this is truly a testament to the persistence, hard work, and dedication he possesses in order to progress and take his career to the next level; the world will soon discover a gem originating from Chicago, IL.

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Race Against Time | Album | © 2014

  1. Break Free
  2. Top Now
  3. Viben’
  4. Takes Me Places
  5. Down Tonight feat. ZZYZX
  6. Another Level
  7. Yeah
  8. My Team
  9. Right Here
  10. Like Me feat. Mahdie Ali
  11. One Day
  12. Lose Your Mind feat. Sneezy Music
  13. Whoa
  14. Going In

His music has even inspired the creation of an Independent Film, of which he also stars in as a lone rogue attempting to free a medicated society from the dreamworld that has been created by the titans of a venomous, crimson craving political party.

The Editor and Stunt-Coordinator on the film worked previously on Director Neil Burger’s blockbuster hit film, “Divergent”. The third installment of the film, “Allegent”, is now available nationwide! “What I Want”, the title of the Independent film, was released on 12-19-14; needless to say, Jon Writer is catching a massive buzz fast!

When asked by Skilly Magazine on where he sees himself in one year, Jon Writer replied:

Being that the 58th Grammy Awards just aired and Kendrick Lamar threw down the best set anyone has ever seen before in their life, I’m going to aim for being at the 59th Grammy Awards a year from today; hopefully winning Best Rap Album. – Skilly Magazine